Campus bookstores becoming rare

The much-ballyhooed meeting of the Federal Reserve is finally here.

It happens Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

But the outcome of that meeting is still very much a mystery. 

Most economists don’t believe any interest rate hike will come from this week’s meeting as the election is too close and economy still too shaky.

Campus bookstores are becoming more rare.

In places where Amazon has created relationships with universities, students can purchase texts through college specific Amazon page and have them delivered to campus.

The New York Times says in the campus store where the textbooks used to be, there are now adult coloring books, racks of university-branded spiritwear and three narrow bookshelves displaying assorted novels.

The schools that team up with Amazon receive approximately two percent of sales from the web retailer.

After all the ups and down last week, we ended up closing about where we started.

The big deal this week is the Federal Reserve meeting, which is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Most don’t expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this close to an election.

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts today if you just talk like a pirate.

You get a whole dozen if you dress like one.

It’s all in honor of “talk like a pirate day.”

This year, though, use Krispy Kreme’s Snapchat pirate filter to digitally “dress” like a pirate and get their free dozen.

And of course, Olive Garden’s unlimited pasta passes are on eBay.

And as of last night, most were going for 300 to 400 dollars.

One was inexplicably going for 4200 dollars.

Olive Garden sold out of 21-thousand 100 dollars passes in a second last week.

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