C. Jack Ellis’s Vision 2020 for East Macon

C. Jack Ellis is already making plans for the next 8 years he hopes to be leading the city, and it starts with tearing down and rebuilding East Macon.

“So as we re-develop Fort Hawkins, we also re-develop this neighborhood. We cannot have an island of prosperity in a sea of despair.”

He’s calling the plan Vision 2020, but he’s thinking even further into the future. He says his first order of business would be to create a Bi-Cenntenial Commission in preparation for the the city’s 200th birthday in 2023.

“The main purpose of the revelopment is more commercial development and to get adequate housing, and to repair all the housing, the streets… we have neglected for far too long the birth place of our city.”

When he was in office four years ago, he focused on re-developing Oglethorpe Homes, now his vision is set on Davis Homes. He says his plan is to improve the city, but some residents just don’t see it that way.

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