Brill family continues the fight to get their son back after admitting to giving him marijuana

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/ WMGT) – A local family continues getting national attention. The Brill family is trying to get their 15-year-old son back from Division of Family and Children Services.

This comes after admitting to giving him marijuana to help with his debilitating seizures.

How PeachTree NORML Executive Director, Tom McCain describes medicinal marijuana in Georgia, is simple. An empty box.

The law allows a qualified person to legally poss 20 fluid ounces of low THC oil. You pay for doctors, the medicinal card, but there’s no way to get the oil. So you have this card, a key, that leads to nothing.

So, what are the Brill family’s options?

“What we’re dealing with here, it’s a parent’s right to treat their child with natural remedies,” McCain said.

McCain is working with the Brill family on establishing their GOFUNDME page. As well as educating them on medicinal marijuana in Georgia.

“They know what’s best, that works for him,” he said.

“He has to live. He has to have a quality of life,” David’s mother Suzeanna Brill said.

Suzeanna and Matthew Brill’s son, David, suffers from seizures. That happened every day, multiple times a day.

“I told that boy, I love him and I’ll protect him and I’ll do it with every breath I got in my body. I’m ain’t stopping,” David’s step father, Matthew Brill said.

Smoke-able medicinal marijuana is not legal in Georgia. Now the parents face charges of reckless conduct. Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum has his hands tied.

He understands the Brill’s place, but his deputies are just doing their jobs.

“The very least [we’re] still doing our job. As to what we’re suppose to do. Whether we turn our head to it and pretend we didn’t hear it, or see it, and walk away from it. That’s not what we’re here to do,” Mitchum said.

McCain, also a retired sheriff from the Dublin District, sees Mitchum’s case in point, too.

“I get where he’s coming from. It’s against the law,” McCain said.

But, if it’s a felony to bring medical marijuana across state lines and make the oil yourself, what’s there to do?

“It’s a medical necessity and certainly it seems that’s what this boy needs,” McCain said.

The Brill’s GOFUNDME is now up to about $30,000 for lawyer and other expenses. McCain says they have obtained legal council are plan to go ahead with this.

And aren’t stopping, until they get David back.

“It shows the sociatal attitudes about marijuana. Especially, the use of medicine have changed significantly,” McCain said.

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