Bowden Golf Course breaks ground on $340,000 facelift

It’s been over a year since Bowden Golf Course was rewarded $340,000 in SPLOT funds.
this morning, they finally broke ground on the project.

It’s a $340,000 facelift. Even though the project started this Monday morning, Bowden Golf Course Director Brandon Doles says they’re ahead of schedule.

“All this area up here will be reconstructed as well and beautify this place around here a little more. It should of been done a long time ago, but now it’s getting done,” Doles said.

Even though machines started digging recently, Doles says the more complicated projects on holes 12 and 15 started weeks ago. 12 and 15 have been completely reconstructed.

“The next stage is just to continue on with the greens reconstruction and the teas as we go along. The hardest greens were done first, that’s kind of why we jumped around,” he said.

Bowden isn’t expanding within acreage. Rather just making the greensides bigger on the holes.

“We got complete reconstruction of number four going on at this time, some teas on number two and moving onto number three,” Doles said.

After the golf course renovations are finished, if there’s change to spare Doles wants to add a building for golf classes.

He’s keeping track of his coins …

“Basically a daily basis and definitely at the end of the week we start going over and making sure we stay on top of everything and make sure we don’t go over budget,” he said.

Bowden opened its doors over 60-years ago. Doles says major changes haven’t happened since. With these renovations he says it’ll make them keep up with other golf course competitors.

“I think in turn after having this done it’s going to allow this place to survive on it’s own, which should of been done a long time ago,” Doles said.

There’s also a new logo being worked on for merchandise and a new POS system. Which will make online registration for tea-times a lot easier. The tentative day Bowden will open is July 4th.

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