Blanche Farms mourns loss of 5 horses, continues providing riding lessons

Lightning struck a tree five of the farm horses were standing under.

MACON, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT)— Blanche Farms in Macon continues to provide riding lessons, even after facing tragedy this week.

Blanche Farms opened in 2015, to provide rising lessons for people of all ages. Owner of the farm, Margaret Blanche, says they had the best instructors along with the finest horses.

On Tuesday afternoon, lightning struck the tree five of the farm horses were standing under. All five horses died. Despite the tragedy, the farm is staying strong and continue providing riding lessons.

“The way to heal is trying to peace back together and put together something so we can have something for people to ride and something for instructors to teach on. To give everybody some way to come back and bond and mourn together and kind of start feeling better,” said Blanche.

She says it has been hard losing five horses that were part of her family.

“To realize that they’re gone it hits you a little bit but then it keeps hitting you and keeps hitting you and then you wake up and your like, well maybe that didn’t happen and then you realize, oh no that did happen.”

With the help of a former client, the farm now has a couple of former lesson horses they’re using until the farm gets back on its feet. Instructors at the farm say it will never truly be the same, but they have to move forward.

“The best way to honor those horses is to love again, to find more horses and to love them, just as much as I did, there’s a hole that will never ever be filled in my heart.”

As the farm continues to mourn the loss, they’re thankful for the kind words in the tough time. Blanche says the only thing they can do now is continue to work and rebuild.

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