‘Big Chair’ sits as a conversation starter in Hawkinsville

HAWKINSVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – If you are driving down Broad Street, you may see something that’s kind of hard to miss, but it’s a pretty big deal. A big red chair now sits in front of the Opera House on Lumpkin Street.

“We wanted something that would be a draw for our town,” said Hawkinsville Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director, Donnna Rickerson.

A draw that’s already getting a lot of buzz on social media and it sits well with the chamber of commerce.

“Everybody’s using social media these days and everybody likes to take selfies,” said Rickerson. “So we thought, what better way than to have a big chair, especially with our name on it. So that when they do post this on social media, it shows where they are, that they visited Hawkinsville Georgia.”

Rickerson, teamed up with 18-year-old Cody Berryhill to come up with a plan for the chair.

“She sent me a picture of one,” said Berryhill. “And when I do decide to build something, I also want it to be unique. I want to be able to put my touch on it.”

Berryhill got to work right away. He finished the chair in less than a day.

“Once I started on it, I couldn’t stop,” said Berryhill. “It was just something that I wanted to see done. I wanted to know that I could actually do something like this.”

Now, his work is on display for people all over town to see, including those who visit. Bobbie Clemons brought her grandson to the chair for his Spring break.

“He was so excited being 7 years old and climbing into the chair,” said Clemons. “He was having a great time, trying to coach me to get into the chair with him.”

“I’ve taken 45 pictures myself of different people,” said Rickerson. “When I hear around town, people are still talking about the chair and they’ll say ‘oh I saw somebody taking their picture there this weekend.'”

Rickerson hopes the chair will continue to be the talk of the town. Something Berryhill is proud of.

“It makes me feel real good about myself,” said Berryhill.

Berryhill learned how to build and make things at a young age from his family. He can make anything from bookshelves to beds.

The big chair will sit outside the Opera House every day. Next time you are in the area make sure you stop by to take your selfies and your group pictures. Use “#HVILLEBIGCHAIR”.

The city plans to use the chair for different events.

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