Bibb Schools hand out devices for virtual learning

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Bibb County students started picking up their devices for virtual learning Monday.

Parents stopped by and picked up a laptop for their children as well as a math book to kick off the virtual school year.

Principal Chad Thompson says virtual learning will look similar to what students experienced when schools shut down earlier this year.

Thompson said, “For us, it’s going to be a continuation of what we implemented in the Spring. We came together as an administrative team and then with input from the teachers to come up with a solid plan, however, we are going to modify a few different things that we did to make sure that we’re following through with expectations set at a district level.”

The schools will implement a program called Canvas to control virtual learning. The program helps students track their own progress and assignments in one place.

When students picked up their laptops, they were able to log onto the new program and learn about how they’ll use it for school.

Special education teacher Timika Sanders says she looks forward to starting the school year virtually to keep her students motivated.

“While we do have virtual learning, there’s nothing like in-person learning,” Sanders stated. “There’s nothing like having that connection because that’s a part of that student’s learning also. So I am very much looking forward to starting the virtual learning. Just because I know that learning is so important and we can’t wait for it.”

While figuring out how her students will learn virtually, Sanders must also deal with learning virtually in her own home.

As a mother of two, she struggles with many of the same decisions as most parents. Her kids will attend the first and third grades virtually.

“Personally I’ve struggled with what to do with my own personal kids, I know how important it is for them to be here learning,” Sanders said. “However, I’m still concerned about their safety so when I consider my kids I think the same thing for my students because they have parents that care about them just like I care about mine.”

The virtual school year begins on September 8 for Bibb County students. Parents can pick up devices for their students until August 21.

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