Bibb investigator: Drugs involved in Jibri Bryan’s murder

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Investigators from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office believe drugs may have been involved the day Mercer Basketball player Jibri Bryan was killed.

“Mr. Henderson was trying to sell Mr. Bryan some fake Xanax,” said lead investigator Shaun Bridger.

Bridger explained that’s what Jarvis Miller told investigators during a second interview. Miller is one of the people accused of shooting Bryan.

“Mr. Miller stated that as he was in the car, Mr. Bryan figured out that the pills were fake and that he did not wish to buy them,” explained Bridger.

“Once he determined that the pills were fake, what happened next?” asked District Attorney David Cooke.

“Mr. Henderson then got out of the car. He confronted Mr. Bryan and stated that he would buy the pills, or else. Next thing you know, Mr. Miller said Mr. Henderson fired a shot,” recalled Bridger.

Damion Henderson is the case’s second suspect. He was in court Wednesday for a commitment hearing.

“None of the forensics that I heard in today’s hearing unequivocally point [toward] my client as the shooter. We heard that the surveillance video hasn’t been viewed by anyone who’s able to say that’s Henderson shooting Mr. Bryan,” said Henderson’s attorney, Franklin Hogue.

Bridger said Miller claims Henderson shot Miller after he shot Jibri.

“Miller, who got shot, says Henderson shot Mr. Bryan and now, we hear Henderson says I saw them in the car and I heard gunfire break out. Right now, it looks like two guys who are saying we were both there and one of us shot him and each of them are pointing the finger at the other one,” said Hogue.

Investigators took two guns into evidence for the crime. Witnesses told deputies Miller dropped one behind a nearby dumpster. Bridger said that .388 caliber gun was jammed because the shooter was trying to use 9 mm bullets. Investigators also found a 9 mm gun next to the car Henderson drove away.

“Were you able to locate any shell casings at the scene?” Cooke asked Bridger.

“Yes sir, 9 millimeter shell casings,” responded Bridger.

Hogue said Henderson maintains his innocence.

The judge decided there was enough evidence to move the case forward. She also said Henderson’s bond is still denied.

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