Bibb County Sheriff’s Office: “The harder it rains, the more accidents we get”

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is already seeing many traffic accidents on Friday. They say it could have to do with the shift in weather.

“The harder it rains, the more accidents we get,” said BSO’s Captain Brad Wolfe.

As temperatures begin to drop, the roads could get more dangerous.

“I don’t know if the roads are going to get cold enough for it to freeze,” said Capt. Wolfe. “The outside temperature may, but I don’t know if the road temperatures will. If they do, it’s going to be some pretty treacherous driving.”

“It looks like we may be seeing some wintry mix,” said Macon-Bibb Emergency Management Agency’s Director, Spencer Hawkins. “Which is kind of that mix between rain, snow, maybe a little frozen rain.”

Hawkins says that could cause a problem on the road.

“The biggest concern that we’ve talked about is the freezing and possibly water on the roads freezing, causing some issues Saturday morning,” said Hawkins.

Captain Wolfe says the key to staying safe is to slow down.

“Especially if it gets cold enough to freeze and be really alert to what’s going on because if you hit a patch of black ice, or another motorist hits a patch of black ice and they lose control or whatever, prepare yourself for anything that could happen,” said Hawkins.

Also, watch out when you’re driving on bridges and overpasses,  because they freeze faster.

“The air gets underneath the bridges and cools them off a lot faster,” said Hawkins. “Versus a road that’s on the ground and in the earth. That earth keeps that road warm much longer.”

“Turn your headlights on, turn your windshield wipers on,” said Capt. Wolfe. “Know that you’re driving in conditions that aren’t normal, so you can’t drive like you normally would.”

Capt. Wolfe says to be careful with hydroplaning, too. If your car begins to hydroplane, let go of the gas, don’t step on the break, and don’t panic. You just need to slow down, take control of the wheel and let your tires do its job.

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