Bibb County Sheriff: Despite rise in homicides, armed robberies are down this year

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Despite the recent wave of crime in Macon, some crime numbers are actually down from last year’s.

That’s according to Sheriff David Davis. At a news conference Tuesday, he shared data that the Bibb County sheriff’s office has been collecting on crimes from robberies to murders.

“This weekend has been another weekend of mayhem in Macon,” Sheriff Davis said.

To many in the community the issue of crime in Macon-Bibb seems to be getting worse, and the suspects behind those crimes getting younger.

“Here in the last month or six weeks, it has truly been a striking trend of young teenagers,” he continued.

The county had three armed robberies and two homicides in a week.

“We started off Saturday night with the homicide of 30 year-old Michael Chapman,” the sheriff recounted.

Just two days later, deputies found a 17 year-old boy dead on Monday night.

“Typically on any given year, we don’t see more than maybe two or three of our homicides that involve teenagers. Most of them are in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s but this is a troubling trend we’re seeing here recently and they’re all connected,” Davis explained.

Sheriff David Davis says based off of their data, the number of armed robberies in 2018 are down in comparison with 2017.

“When we talk about the armed robberies and commercial robberies. Really this year we’re down 18% from what we had last year. We’re down in burglaries and thefts from what we had last year,” he said.

The only outlier is the number of homicides.

“It’s just senseless over some foolish argument or foolish disagreement,” he added.

Sheriff Davis says they offer several programs but it’s up to community members to help reverse the trend.

“Reach out into some of these families and make a difference in their lives and do something, so that these 17 year-olds are not walking up and down the street carrying fire arms,” he said.

So far this year in Macon-Bibb, the sheriff’s office has arrested more than 1,000 people and seized more than 1,600 weapons. Sheriff Davis says even though they’re understaffed, his deputies are working as hard as they can.

This year in Macon, there have been 32 homicides. Last year the total was 30. County officials are hoping the count slows down as we approach the end of the year.

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