Bibb County Sheriff aims to keep improving jail

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – An annual inspection of the Bibb County Jail revealed there’s work to be done to improve the appearance and functionality.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis is working to make it right.

It’s generally closed off to the public–that’s to keep the inmate inside.

“It’s really not surprising that they did have some of the findings that they did,” said Sheriff Davis.

But the Bibb County jail opened up to a grand jury for inspection January 10th.

“This is a routine thing for us every year,” said Sheriff Davis.

Their report says up to 70% of the jail is in “maintained” condition–but they pointed out there is work to be done.

“A lot of what was in this report doesn’t surprise me,” said Sheriff Davis.

Rust on some of the common room furniture and bathrooms is all over the place.

“It’s pretty much the same–the good things and the bad things about the jail,” said Sheriff Davis.

And the sheriff says the jail wasn’t having its greatest day when the grand jury came through.

“(It was a) part of the facility that we were getting ready to upgrade and paint, and we’re halfway through that now, so were they to come through today they would see a little bit of a different picture,” said Sheriff Davis.

That picture is always being repainted with a lot of work from deputies.

“That’s one of the main things we do in the jail, keep it clean and keep it maintained,” said Sheriff Davis. “There’s always something going on in the jail as fair as maintenance, cleanliness and care of the inmates.”

The report also recommended plans for a new jail or major renovation be considered.

“(We’ve got) maybe 10, 15 more years left in it,” said Sheriff Davis. “We keep it very well maintained, we keep it clean, but there are some infrastructure issues that we see coming, there are plumbing issues, some wear and tear on the facility. So I think as a community it should be thought of as a possibility of moving this facility.”

Opening up new possibilities for the jail in the future.

The report also mentioned some mold on the exterior walls, which Sheriff Davis says he’ll be able to take care of soon.

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