Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office to crack down on crime with cameras

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office is installing 'Flock Cameras' to address a recent increase in crime.
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Baldwin County cameras
Baldwin County cameras

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is installing ‘Flock Cameras’ to address a recent increase in crime.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office partnered with the county and the city of Milledgeville to install the cameras.

“We hope that it’s going to help protect our families here, and their property, as well as help us with crime issues,” Baldwin County Sheriff Bill Massee said.

The $25,000 project was approved by county leaders in hopes of seeing a decrease in crime.

Captain Brad King explains how the cameras work.

“It’s motion activated, and it’s a license plate reader camera,” he said. “It takes a still photograph of the vehicle and records the tag, of course the location of the camera and the time.”

The cameras will be placed in various locations, including Milledgeville Manor, along Highway 24 and in the Harrisburg area.

Captain King says the cameras will help the sheriff’s office track people coming in and out of the county.

“Unfortunately, we have gun crime,” he said. “We do have a gang problem. We have a narcotics problem, and we have violence that I wish we didn’t have.”

According to Sheriff Massee, once the cameras are installed, they’ll work with businesses to expand their reach.

“All of the cameras will be tied in together,” he said. “Even with our school cameras. We just feel like this is a great resource for us to have to protect our community.”

10 cameras will be installed throughout the county over the next few weeks.

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