The B.S. Report: Peach County suffers defeat after controversial call

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Everyone is still shocked at what happened last Friday afternoon in Atlanta.

Peach County was down by four with less than four minutes left in the Triple-A state championship game. They were on the Calhoun 22-yard line and it was fourth and 8. Peach County quarterback Antonio Gilbert threw a pass to Noah Whittington, who caught the ball on the six-yard line and dove to the end zone. For some reason, the referee ruled it an incomplete pass. It was not an incomplete pass. It was a mistake, a horrible call, and it cost Peach County a state championship.

Who knows what will happen, as Peach County tries to get an audience with the Georgia High School Association. But here are a few main points that need to be brought up again and again. First, why didn’t the head referee, or as he’s called the white hat, get every official together and make sure that was the right call. We are supposed to believe of all the officials in that game, they all saw the same thing? Not one believed the referee who made the call got it wrong? If so, especially after seeing Peach County coach Chad Campbell go nuts, they should have gotten together and made sure it was the right call. Even before instant replay became the norm in sports, officials in baseball, basketball and football would get together if there was a disputed call – and if one of the officials believed they had gotten it wrong – they would make sure it was the right call. Why couldn’t that have happened Friday afternoon?

I was told the referee who made the call didn’t talk to his other officials or even to the Georgia High School Association after the game. And how about the selection of the officials? Were these the best officials they could get? The Georgia High School Association now picks random officials from all over the state, instead of picking certain referee associations that have the best officials. Well, that’s really smart. And how about replay? As of now, high school football does not allow instant replay. But the Georgia High School Association should petition the national federation of associations and ask for replay when the state championship games are played in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. You’ve got a billion-dollar facility, with a halo board that shows the replays, all the video equipment in the world, and you can’t use that on controversial calls? That’s just stupid.

Peach County’s administrators and head coach Chad Campbell are doing what they can, but it’s likely not realistic to believe the GHSA will do anything. Why don’t we do something in Middle Georgia? Let’s recognize those kids on the Peach County Trojans as our champions. We can give them our sympathy, but we should do something – give them a parade, throw a banquet to honor them… something. They should have won the state championship, and hopefully no nightmare like this will ever happen again in a title game. Let’s hope Warner Robins has such a big lead this Friday night against Rome that nothing like this will happen.

You might root for Peach County’s biggest rival and hate the Trojans, but this is more about those kids who deserved better. They simply deserved the best officials in the state calling their game. That’s something the Georgia High School Association did not provide last Friday afternoon.

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