Ask Angi: Preparing Your Garden for Spring

(41NBC/WMGT) — With days getting longer as spring approaches, people are starting to spend more time outside and in their gardens. Mallory Micetich, a home care expert at Angi, is here to walk us through how to prepare our gardens for the season ahead.

“A thriving garden can be really satisfying and can provide flowers, fruits and vegetables all summer long,” says Micetich, “But those gardens don’t just appear overnight. If you want a vibrant garden this spring, it’s time to start planning now. The first key to success is picking the right plants. Research what plants do well in your area and when to plant them. Different plants thrive in every climate, so it’s important that you know what will do well in your area.”

As it warms up outside, it’s time to get your lawn and garden ready for planting. Start by clearing away any debris that accumulated during the winter, like sticks, leaves or anything that fell during a big storm. Then, remove any winter mulch from your garden. This allows your lawn to warm up more quickly, which is important when getting it ready for new life.

“The harsh conditions of winter can take a toll on your lawn,” said Micetich “Once your yard is cleaned up, walk around and take note of any damage you see. Look out for dead grass and keep an eye out for snow mold, which can grow under thick layers of snow and leave patches or rings on your lawn. Now is also a good time to check on your trees to make sure they are in good condition. Look and make sure that things aren’t brown or overly dead. If you think your lawn or trees may be damaged, it’s a great time to call in a pro and have them come take a look.”

Once the soil warms up, you can start easing into a lawn care routine. Be careful not to jump into everything at once – your lawn needs time to adjust to the longer days and warmer weather. One great tip is that if your lawn doesn’t bounce back when you step on it, it’s time to lightly water it. Now is also a great time to make sure all of your lawn care tools are clean and ready to use.

“Pests and weeds can ruin your garden before your flowers and vegetables even start blooming,” said Micetich “While it may still be too early to start gardening, you can start pulling weeds as soon as you see them. Be proactive and treat your lawn for pests and weeds early. Be on the lookout for cutworms, which are notorious for popping up early in the spring and ruining your garden. If you suspect a pest issue, hire a pro immediately to find the root of the problem.”

In colder climates, it’s a little longer of a wait to start full-on gardening again. But if you’re itching to use your green thumb, you can start now by planting seeds indoors. This will give your plants a head start so you can still see beautiful blooms in the springtime. Just remember to carefully replant them outdoors once the weather warms up.

“Once you’ve prepped your lawn and garden, it’ll finally be time for the best part, planting!” said Micetich “If it’s still cool outside, consider planting hardier plants like sunflowers, spinach and radishes. These plants don’t really mind the cool weather, so they’re the perfect place to start. Keep weeding and monitoring for pests. If you don’t have one, consider hiring a pro to help install a sprinkler system. A timer can help ensure your plants stay hydrated but you’re not wasting water throughout the day.”

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