Ask Angi: Garage Conversions

(41NBC/WMGT) — You should love every area in your home – including your garage. If your garage is just taking up space, consider converting it into a living space. Rachel Zepernick, interior home expert at Angi, is here to walk us through some options of how else you can use your garage space.

“Some garages are necessary, while others are underutilized.” said Zepernick “You can make the most out of your garage by transforming it into another living space. You can choose to transform your garage into any other type of room, and often, increasing your living space will increase the value of your home.”

Before you can start your project, you need to figure out which type of room would benefit your home the most. Smaller garages can be turned into bathrooms, home offices, home gyms or kitchens, while larger garages can be converted into bedrooms, entertaining rooms or even guest suites.

“You’ll need to hire a contractor, who will create a construction plan based on your new living space,” said Zepernick “Depending on the plan, there may be a number of updates, including flooring, walls, windows, electrical, lighting, plumbing, and/or HVAC. You may also need permits, so it’s best to leave it to the pros.”

You can still convert your garage into a great space on a budget by choosing affordable materials. Talk to your contractor about your budget to figure out where you are willing to save and what you’ll need to splurge on. Choosing more affordable flooring – like vinyl – can go a long way when trying to keep the cost down.

“You can customize the new living space with lighting, furniture and décor,” said Zepernick “If your conversion doesn’t have windows or you want the space to be extra bright, you’ll need to add lighting. You can also add furniture and décor that matches the rest of your home to ensure that your new living space is cohesive and matches your home’s aesthetic. An interior designer and/or home organizer can be the perfect partner to ensure that your new living space is exactly what you were hoping for.”

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