Another nice day Friday, winter weather possible Sunday

Temperatures are staying pretty mild across Middle Georgia tonight as clouds slowly move out of the area.

Friday will bring plenty of sunshine and the return of high temperatures in the low 60s.

Enjoy the nice weather because by Friday evening, clouds will move in across the southeast ahead of a potent winter storm system.
Saturday temperatures will be a bit cooler as mostly cloudy skies hang around throughout the day.

By Saturday evening, rain will start to push in across parts of southern and Middle Georgia.

Some pockets of rain could be heavy, but we are not expecting a severe storm threat.

Temperatures through the overnight hours and into Sunday morning will be a main factor in whether we see a wintry mix early, but right now those look to stay above freezing.
Sunday is really the day with the biggest questions as far as cold air mixing with the precipitation.

If the wedge front pushes cold air far enough south, we could start to see a changeover from rain to frozen precipitation.

The current forecast does not push the cold air that far south, which is why I’m expecting most of us to just see a cold rain.

The other factor in our winter weather will be the path of the low pressure.

The most interesting trend with the recent models has been a southward shift of low pressure, which would bode well for some cooler air and a changeover to snow.

So yeah, still quite a few questions out there with this forecast.
In general we are expecting a more significant impact from snow and rain in the northeastern portion of Georgia.

Metro Atlanta will likely see 1″ or more of snow, with the potential of freezing rain as well.

Here in Middle Georgia, north of Warner Robins, we could see some ice and snow (mostly a wintry mix), but impacts should stay pretty minor.

The potential for black ice will be hanging around into Monday morning as well, so we will need to watch that forecast closely.
Next week will start out pretty chilly with highs in the low and mid 50s.

Rain will return to the area by the middle of the week with showers possible through Thursday.



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