Angie’s List: Landscaping with Water

Ponds are slow running water features that allow a place for tranquility away from the stresses of the world. As one of the only water features that add to the environment with the natural habitats they provide for the plants, vegetation, trees and wildlife that depend on them for their home, ponds are filled with benefits for you and your home, as well.

People tend to have water hauled in to fill their ponds initially.

Rain, snow and other natural elements are used to sustain water levels. If inadequate water levels are encountered you may need to have additional water hauled in.

Chemical treatments may be necessary for proper control of algae to prevent your pond from becoming stagnant and harming the plants, vegetation and fish housed in these water features.

Pumps are necessary for providing adequate oxygen levels through the water and to prevent a lot of stagnant conditions that can occur.

Koi ponds: They provide homes to Koi or gold fish. These fish have the ability to grow to long lengths, requiring the need for larger spaces for designing these types of ponds. It is recommended that Koi ponds have a capacity of holding a minimum of one thousand gallons of water to accommodate healthy living spaces for these fish. You should only choose this type of pond if you have the space available.

Water gardens: Home to many different types of plants, flowers and other vegetation that thrives on the nutrients found in water, water gardens can be designed in many different shapes and sizes. This allows people with smaller amounts of space to enjoy these relaxing focal points around their home.
Water gardens provide surrounding plants and vegetation with proper conditions to help them thrive.

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