Angie’s List: Keyless Locks

Pros and Cons of keyless locks:


1. No key required
Pat Bell, owner of Bell’s Lock & Key Service in Glen, Ellyn, Illinois, says people like keyless locks because they’re convenient. “The main pro is you don’t need a key,” Bell says. He adds that most keyless systems have a key cylinder override, so the lock will still function if the battery dies.

2. Share the code to the abode
Scott Stoddart, owner of Stoddart’s Lock and Safe in Surprise, Arizona, says a big advantage of keyless systems is the ability to let someone in when you’re away. “If you have a relative who you want to be able to give the code to on a moment’s notice, you can give them the code,” Stoddart says. He adds that if you experience a compromise in code security, it’s easy to program a new code in the keyless system.

3. No lost or found
Bell says some parents give keys to children as they age, but now have the option to give them a code, instead. “If they have kids going into high school and don’t want them to lose keys, a lot of times they’ll upgrade to a keyless entry,” Bell says.

Stoddart says there’s no need to hide keys outside the home. “You don’t have to hide a key,” he says. “You don’t have a risk of someone checking under your doormat or under a planter and finding a key.”


1. Shoulder surfing
Stoddart uses the term “shoulder surfing” to describe someone looking over your shoulder while you enter your code into the keypad, which can be a severe security risk. “They could see the code, memorize it and come back,” he says.

2. Wear and tear
According to Bell, you’ll want to change your code from time to time and keep your hands clean to prevent buttons from wearing down from frequent use. “If you don’t, you’re going to leave dark marks on the buttons you choose,” Bell says. “So, there’s only X amount of combinations you’re going to have to try to open that lock.”

3. Cost considerations
Stoddart says cost may sway people from installing keyless locks. He notes that they’re more expensive to purchase and replace. He says a traditional deadbolt costs about $20 to $50 dollars, but a keyless lock costs between $150 and $250, depending on quality and brand.

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