Angie’s List: Introducing a pet to your home

Our pets make our houses feel like home. But to put it in terms that even they’ll understand moving with a dog can be ruff. 

But Angie Hicks of Angie’s List has suggestions that anyone can do. 

“If you have a move planned, include your pup in the process,” said Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie’s List. “Keeping an upbeat attitude will make it a lot less stressful of an experience. Show your pet that you’re packing up their bed, their blanket, their favorite toys. All of this will make sure that you have a smooth transition.” 

To prepare for your dog’s arrival in the new space bring a few unwashed items like blankets or t-shirts to place in rooms where your dog will spend most of its time. 

This will help transfer the scent of your old home into your new one.  And it will help your dog feel comfortable. 

But comfort is not the only thing to prepare for —safety is top of the list. 

“At your new home, pet-proof your house first before you bring your pet in,” Angie said. “Get down on their level and look around for any dangerous items. Are there any poisons they might get into, or any dangerous sharp items? Remove all of those so that your pet has a safe and happy environment.” 

You should also check for small spaces they could climb into and get stuck. 

Eliminate potential hazards before your dog enters so they can safely explore. And to get things started on the right paw give them the VIP tour of the new space. 

“Once you have all of your pet’s belongings settled into your new house, take your pet on a guided tour,” Angie said. “Put your dog on a leash and walk them to each room, let them get a sense for the space, the smell, and get comfortable in their new surroundings.” 

As you all begin to settle in and remember that consistency is key. 

“Moving can be stressful for everyone and so it’s important to keep to your normal routines with your pet after you move into your new home,” Angie said. “If you have a certain time that you go on walks, do feedings or have playtime, keep to that schedule and your pet will be happier.”

Creating a home environment that’s safe, familiar, and scheduled will make the change to a new house easier for the whole family—humans and animals alike. 

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