Amazon is cracking down on counterfeit sellers

Amazon, for the first time has filed lawsuits against counterfeit sellers.

This after a number of businesses on Amazon voiced concern that knockoffs were killing their sales and endangering consumers.

The company generates over $75 billion a year in commerce, and about half the volume now comes from third-party sellers.

Now homeopathic products will be held to the same standards as other products that make health claims.

The FTC says some products are nothing more than alcohol and water.

Some products still make claims that they can actually treat ailments or relieve pain despite no scientific evidence that is true.

Stocks closed higher again, the Dow notching a 7 day winning now.

Energy was the big winner Tuesday, and airlines were strong as Warren Buffett invested in a handful of them.

The Dow gained 54 points to close at 18-thousand 923, inching closer to 19-thousand.

The Federal Communications Commission is warning folks to be especially wary of scam calls as we head into winter.

The fraudsters prey on people, telling them their heat may be shut off and ask for credit or debit card numbers.

The FCC says don’t answer calls from unknown numbers and if you are unsure, hang up and call the number on your utility bill.

United Airlines thinks it has a new option in its new, cheaper, “basic economy” fares.

You can only bring one laptop, purse, or small bag but the overhead space is off limits.

The seats will be deeply discounted but there’s no guarantee you can sit with your friends or family.

And you can’t change your flight.

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