Al-Qaeda publication suggests Georgia Military College as bombing target

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Georgia Military College says a possible terrorist threat against the school is not a credible one.

“You’re always surprised to see the world reach out to Middle Georgia and have some impact,” said Vice President of Georgia Military College Colonel Fred Van Horn.

But this impact wasn’t necessarily good.

“It was not credible, that it was not based on any intelligence or any evidence,” said Van Horn. In fact, colonel Fred Van Horn doesn’t give it any merit whatsoever. “It was simply the listing of a name–Georgia Military College–on a list,” said Van Horn.

The terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and Georgia Military College don’t normally connect with each other. But last week, they did. A magazine that supports Al-Qaeda wrote a step-by-step “how-to” guide on how to make a car bomb. “The FBI as seconded by state law enforcement authorities deemed it not credible,” said Van Horn.

A few suggested targets? Times Square, casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas and Georgia Military College.

Colonel Van Horn is the Vice President at GMC. “I come from 33 years of military experience these kinds of things were commonplace for soldiers stationed abroad,” said Van Horn. “And to be surprised by them when they happen to you on a number of occasions would be overstated, I think.”

The school is prepared for any sort of threat. “We’re prepared in the same way that every school, college and university in the nation is prepared,” said Van Horn. “This kind of threat has been out there every day and has been for some number of years now.”

Practice makes perfect–and makes it safe–when it comes to emergency situations. “Schools, colleges and universities have exercises that they use to prepare themselves for these eventualities, and we, in that regard, are the same,” said Van Horn. The FBI and other law enforcement met with school officials on Friday about the threat.  Van Horn says the most competent people you could imagine were there to assure the school it is safe.

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