29,000 students head back to school in Houston County

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Students in Houston County went back to school on Wednesday.

“I’ve already cried this morning at 6:30. It’s too early for anybody to be crying,” says Anna Claire Brown who is a senior at Veterans High School.

It’s a new chapter for freshmen and the last first day of high school for seniors.

Anna adds, “I’m glad to be here and be back with all the things that make me so happy that I’ve missed over the summer but it’s definitely bitter sweet because you’re thinking about all these things that aren’t going to get to happen again.”

Veterans High School provides learning to almost 1700 students. Principal Chris Brown says he welcomes all students with open arms and wants his freshmen to know his dedicated team of educators are always willing to help.

“Starting with a positive relationship with an adult where they feel comfortable, somebody they can go to that will advocate for them and show them the way, is what we want to focus on with our freshmen these first two days of school,” he explains.

Brown says the level of excitement he has seen so far, reassures him the family-oriented environment is better than ever before.

“When you don’t see a family member for two months and the first time you see them it’s exciting. So, there’s been a lot of hugs and high fives and a lot of excitement this morning,” he adds..

The seniors wore crowns. Some say it’s a symbol of hard work and dedication.

Senior Trevor Johnson says, “With college becoming more important now a days, there’s people that don’t make it their senior year. People tend to forget that. But, it’s just a reminder that you made it. And then it’s also to show other people that this is something to look forward to, so don’t give up because you can get here if you just continue to push yourself.”

Veterans High opened in 2010 with a total of 850 students. Principal Brown says over the years, the numbers have increased and he’s excited to be the school’s leader for the last 3 years.








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