Musselwhite supporters frustrated over voter turnout

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Tuesday night’s loss was a tough one for Musselwhite supporters but after seeing the results and polling numbers, they say their biggest frustration is why only roughly 6,700 registered voters out of 39,000 made it to the polls.

“If more people had voted tonight we probably would’ve seen some different results. We might have,” said Musselwhite supporter Veronica Martin.

The results are in for the Warner Robins mayoral election.
“Our system is the people make the decision, and they made their decision and I support their decision,” said candidate Joe Musselwhite.
Reigning mayor Randy Toms was the front runner with 53% of the vote.
“I’m proud of Randy Toms for winning without a run off. He did a very good job,” Musselwhite said.
Chuck Shaheen came in second with 33.28% of the vote and Joe Musselwhite last with 13.69%.
“We came out and voted as our civic duty, we supported Joe Musselwhite and we’re very sad that he didn’t win tonight,” said Martin.
Many Musselwhite supporters like Veronica and her husband Stephen were disappointed by the loss to Toms, but even more upset by the numbers at the polls–or lack there of.
“39,000 registered voters and this election had approximately 6,800 people. That is more than we’ve had for some of the other elections recently, but out of a city of 74,000 that’s a startling statistic,” Stephen said.
“When you’ve got a city of 31,000 or more registered voters and only 6,000 or 7,000 actually come out and vote that’s kind of disheartening,” Musselwhite added
Though he says he won’t be making a return to politics after this, he hopes that next election more registered voters exercise their right as citizens.
17.37% of registered voters participated in Tuesday’s election. That’s up from previous years, but still significantly low.
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