One mom says the Trick or Treat Parade was, “one of the best experiences that we’ve had.”

MACON, Georgia – Witches, super heroes, and trolls filled the hallways of the Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital Tuesday.

Volunteers, hospital staff, and patients celebrated Halloween with the annual Trick or Treat Parade.

One Mother, Marcy Holland, said the parade was exactly what her son needed.

“And it’s one of the best experiences that we’ve had,” Holland said.

Marcy Holland’s son suffers from autoimmune neutropenia. It’s a disease that attacks the bone marrow, making it hard to fight off illnesses like the common cold.

Holland said her son has been battling with the disease since he was 6 months old, but he has gotten better with help from doctors at Navicent Health.

“Yea he was real pale, real thin. He looks healthy now, so we’re thankful for that,” she said.

Holland said her son had a lot of fun at the trick or treat parade.

“Well he’s told the nurses that this is the best Halloween ever,” she said.

Melissa Ramey’s daughter, Autum, is also in the hospital because of a bacterial infection.

Ramey said her daughter really enjoyed the parade.

“This was just a great event for the kids. It was phenomenal for us to be involved in it and we greatly appreciate the effort that was put in to making the hospital look so amazing for them to enjoy,” she said.

Holland said she appreciates everyone who helped put this parade together for the children and their families.

“The hospital, you know the staff, the nurses the child life specialists, each and everyone that makes us feel like family,” she said.

So with smiles, costumes, and lots of candy, the children at the hospital have a Halloween to remember.

The construction workers building the new hospital even joined in on the fun.

Kids could look at the window of the pedestrian bridge to see the workers waving with signs wishing them a “Happy Halloween.”

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