Washington County to hold anti-violence event

The third event so far
Waco Prayer 2

Saturday afternoon the Gazebo in Washington County is going to be the location of a very important event.

It will be the latest in the series of Stop the Violence events to be held in Washington County. The event was started by Pastor Carl Williams as a partnership between several churches and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“After we had the double homicide several months back at what they called the freaknik event, some of the pastors came to me and said you know they think its time they get involved and to quote Pastor Williams, ‘Its time for the Pastor’s to get out from behind the pulpit and hit the streets.” -Joel Cochran/Washington County Sheriff

And that’s what they’ve done. The upcoming event will be the third held so far…Originally there were around ten churches involved and now there are even more, reaching across religious and racial lines to bring everyone together..

“A great man said that its important for individuals who are not alike to come together and have likeness and I believe that’s important” -Scott Ferguson/Participating Pastor

The event will feature prayer, several speakers, and even some free giveaways just in time for Christmas

The next Stop the Violence event is on Saturday at 3 p.m., at the Gazebo by the Washington County Courthouse.

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