Fake Interpreter Fools Tampa Cops

(NBC NEWS) Tampa police say a career criminal posing as an American Sign Language interpreter last week during a hastily-called news conference announcing an...

Christmas Comedies Arrive On NBC

(NBC News) "Will & Grace" and "Superstore" roll out brand new holiday episodes tonight. The "Will & Grace" gang get into the holiday spirit as...

A Pinball Paradise

(NBC NEWS) A New York couple has expand their home twice to accommodate their considerable collection of pinball machines. In 1996, George and Pat Riley...

Live-Streamed Domestic Dispute

(NBC NEWS) The Orange County Sheriff's Office received calls from people, including relatives of the female, who were watching the Facebook live video. They...

3-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Himself

(NBC NEWS) A 3-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in Kentucky over the weekend, and as his father was rushing him to the hospital, he...

Holiday Shopping: Sell Before You Buy?

(NBC News) With the newest iPhone costing $1,000 and the newest xBox $800, shoppers are looking for more frugal ways to buy high tech...

CVS Buys Aetna

(NBC News) CVS Health has announced a deal to buy insurance giant Aetna for $69 billion. The transaction will pair close to 10,000 drugstores and...

Video View: This week’s digital and DVD releases

(NBC NEWS) - NBC's Raphael Seth takes a look at this week's digital and DVD releases including "Stronger" and all five "Transformers" movies.

Previewing The Defense

(NBC NEWS) President Trump's personal attorney is giving a hint what their defense might be if the president is charged with obstruction of justice. Over...

Apps Deliver Holiday Tunes

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland looks at several music apps geared toward the Christmas season.

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