Tiny home community expected to bring more people into Monroe County

A Monroe County commissioner says he's filling the need for affordable housing by constructing a tiny home community.
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Tiny Homes
Tiny Homes

FORSYTH, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT) — A Monroe County commissioner says he’s filling the need for affordable housing by constructing a tiny home community.

District 4 Commissioner George Emami says his dream to build a tiny home community began two years ago.

“It’s very hard to find rentals here, and so just by virtue of us putting it on the market, that’ll be two more properties that someone can rent,” he said.

He says along with filling the need for more homes in the county, he hopes to create a  garden and an area where everyone in the tiny home community can gather.

“You have every amenity that you would have in a normal size home, but it’s just a much tighter space,” he said.

Commissioner Emami says several people have reached out to him with interest in the homes.

“Rentals are few and far between, and when they do come available, they get snatched up pretty quickly, so the addition of these 12 tiny homes is just what we need,” Forsyth-Monroe Chamber President and CEO Rebecca Stone said.

“The tiny homes are going to be perfect for a young couple that’s just starting out, or maybe someone that doesn’t have a partner or is not quite established yet and doesn’t know what they’re looking for,” she said.

A tiny home will cost around $1,000 to rent, while purchasing one will cost about $125,000.

“My goal and my hope would be that those people can bond and create a great little community,” Emami said.

10 more tiny homes will be constructed over the next several months. The community is located at 2467 Smith Road in Forsyth.

An open house for the two constructed so far will take place on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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