Tech Report: Twitter rolls out major policy change

Twitter quietly rolled out its latest major policy change this week. The platform is now the first major social media platform to allow advertisements that feature cannabis products in the U.S. Companies must be pre-authorized by Twitter to and follow regulations to promote their products through the website.

Following job cuts, Meta Platforms has increased the $4 million security allowance given to Mark Zuckerberg and his family. The chief executive and co-founder’s new security allowance is $14 million. The company says that recent layoffs and Zuckerberg’s high profile make the increased security necessary.

Considering how much people rely on them, its not surprising that many people believe their smartphones could replace their laptops. Over one in four people believe that they could go a year without using a standard computer browser. Cricket Wireless and OnePoll found that less than half of people reported using their computers on a daily basis. The survey also found that nearly 60% of people would opt for their smartphone over their computer if forced to choose.

After hitting snags, Apple pushed back the debut of their mixed-reality headset by two months.  The unveiling is now planned for a developer conference in June. This device represents Apple’s first major new category since 2015.