Tech Report: The employment rate has improved for disabled people

How remote work improved accessibility last year

The percentage of disabled people who were employed rose to 21.3% In 2022, according to data released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor statistics. That’s more than 2% higher in 2021, the highest since 2008. As companies adopted remote and hybrid work arrangements, more disabled people applied for and landed jobs. For some of these employees, this was their first opportunity to work in years.

Apple has a secret team working to bring non-invasive glucose monitoring to its line of smartwatches. Sources told Bloomberg that the technology may still be years away, but could have a major impact on diabetics and alert pre-diabetics. The smartwatch will measure diabetics’ glucose levels and function as a preventative measure. The company’s goal is to create watches that are able to alert pre-diabetics to new health concerns. Here’s how Apple is making it a reality. Apple uses a chip technology called silicon photonics combined with absorption spectroscopy, which measures reflected light to assess blood sugar levels.

Twitter is reported to have laid off another 50 workers over the weekend. This newest round of layoffs is the fourth since Elon Must assumed ownership of Twitter last November. The layoffs came from Twitter’s blue program and its burgeoning payments business.

Amazon is sticking with same day delivery expansion even though sales are slowing down. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has continued the expansion by opening up smaller warehouses near big cities. These warehouses can store 100 thousand of the company’s most popular deliveries.

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