Tech Report: Google going to the Supreme Court

How the case could drastically change the internet

Google is going before the Supreme Court. The tech giant is facing a lawsuit that could radically alter the future of online speech and content moderation. The case against Google was brought by the family of a woman who was killed in a 2015 ISIS terror attack in Paris. Her parents allege that YouTube, which is owned by Google, failed to remove videos uploaded by ISIS terrorists. The parents argue that Google is liable for damages. The case raises the issue of how much responsibility platforms should take for the content uses post on their sites.

Amazon is ordering that corporate employees work the office for at least three days out of the week. CEO Andy Jassy says it is critical for boosting company culture and innovation. This is major, top-down change begins on May 1st.

For nearly three years, Amazon has left it to individual managers to decide when employees will work in person. In a memo to staff, Jassy said that the shift back to offices will raise employee performance and help new hires to advance.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta platforms, announces their new subscription service, ‘Meta Verified’. The company plans to test their new service in New Zealand and Australia. A subscription to Meta Verified will start at $11.99 a month. Executives say that the purpose of the new service is to increase security and authenticity across the company’s services.

An upcoming report by academics reveals that pedophiles have found a new way to prey on kids online. Researchers used chatbots, which posed as young girls, to uncover the strategy. A stunning number of cyber predators tried to lure the “kids” to the video conferencing platform Whereby. The researchers found that Whereby allows user to control the webcams of other users without their consent.