(41NBC/WMGT) —Apple has a new iOS update in the works. The tech company recently made the announcement at its annual developer conference. Let’s look at some of the new features of iOS 16.

If you’ve ever regretted sending a text message to someone, you’re going to love Apple’s latest software update. iOS 16 lets you edit or recall any recently sent messages. You can also recover recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread. It’s almost like an e-mail account – making it harder to forget to respond to messages. And with the new SharePlay feature, you can enjoy synced content like songs or movies while chatting in Messages. And going back to your actual e-mail, iOS 16 lets users schedule e-mails ahead of time, or cancel sending one if it hasn’t reached the recipient’s inbox yet. This update can also let you know if you forget an attachment, or something else important. Other helpful features include reminders, and e-mail follow up suggestions if you haven’t gotten a response.

Apple says iOS 16 is its biggest update ever to the Lock Screen. You phone’s lock screen is also getting more personal, beyond just the picture. It can now have multiple layers. You can change the look of the date and time with different type styles, emojis, and colors. It features widgets, where you can get the information you want at a glance – like checking your calendar, phone battery, alarms, and even the weather. You can even keep track of certain events as they’re happening, so you won’t miss any big moments in that sports game, and can keep an eye out for your ride-share or food delivery order.

A public beta of iOS 16 will be available next month. The free software update will launch this fall for the iPhone 8 and later.

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