Tech Byte: Educational apps for at-home learning

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo takes a look at educational apps that all kids — from elementary to college — are using to help with schooling from home amid the coronavirus.

Canvas Student

The Canvas Student app allows users to access courses from anywhere. It also allows students to submit assignments, keep track of work, and even check grades.

Students can also use the app to post discussions, take quizzes, and watch videos.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a similar app that works great for schools and non-profits. Users must have a personal Google account.

It also benefits teachers. Educators can use the app to make copies of Google Documents for each student, and Drive folders for assignments to keep them organized.

Teachers can also use the app to see who’s completed their work and give real-time feedback.

BrainPOP Featured Movie app

The BrainPOP Featured Movie app is geared towards younger kids, but older students can learn something from it too.

The app creators say the app uses animated movies to keep kids entertained with humor, and characters who speak to kids conversationally about a range of subjects – from English to Math.

The topics change daily and tie into current events, holidays, historical milestones, and more.

Kids can also take an interactive quiz after watching each movie.

You can even use some apps already on your iPhone. Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and many more can help keep you organized, as well.

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