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Police search for alleged ATM robbery suspect

Police searching for ATM robbery suspect

Brooklyn Rouse’s father speaks out after Miller’s arrest

"The first two weeks you know, it was kind of hard, kind of tough," said Brooklyn Rouse's father, Warren Rouse, describing what it was like after Brooklyn was shot.

Woman shot delivering pizza in Macon ready to make full recovery

"Survivor" Brooklyn Rouse is set to make a full recovery

Aggravated assault incident in west Macon

Assault incident in west Macon under investigation

Crimestoppers tip leads to aggravated assault arrest

35-year-old Verconus Redding arrested for 2 May shootings

Crimestoppers employee arrested for stealing reward money

A Macon Regional Crimestoppers employee was arrested Friday for stealing less than $1,800 from the program.

Crimestoppers issues $2500 reward to catch Fort Valley serial rapist

Representatives from the task force assigned to catch the accused rapist say it will take a community effort to find him.

Crimestoppers Relies on Community Tips

Law enforcement agencies rely on tips to catch the bad guys. Deputy Chris Paul from Macon Regional Crimestoppers stopped by 41 Today to tell us who to be on the look out for this morning.

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