Morning Report: Supreme Court takes on Biden’s student debt relief plan

The Supreme Court will take on the student debt relief plan this week. Beginning tomorrow, they will hear arguments regarding president Biden’s 400 billion dollar student loan debt program. The Supreme Court will work to determine if the plan is constitutional and if a president can enact such a policy without spending approval from Congress.

Nike is facing an onslaught of theft crimes along its supply chain. Thefts are escalating from criminals taking items off of shelves to thieves targeting warehouses and trains carrying merchandise. According to figures from the National Retail Foundation, thefts have ballooned to a $95 billion problem in the U.S.

Stocks fell Friday with all the major indexes down more than one percent.
The stock market had their worst week of the year as inflation fears were realized. On Friday, stocks fell  with all the major indexes down more than one percent.

Last year, there were about 631,000 restaurants in the United States according to Technomic. That’s roughly 72,000 fewer than in 2019. That number could fall even further this year, to about 630,000 locations. The restaurant research firm doesn’t foresee the number of restaurants in the us returning to pre-Covid levels, even by 2026.

The FDA just approved the first combination test for Flu and Covid-19 that can be used at home. The new test gives consumers an easy way to determine if either illness is the cause of their runny nose a runny nose. The Lucira Covid-19 & Flu home test is over the counter, uses self-collected nasal swab samples, and delivers results in about 30 minutes.

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