Morning Report: Norfolk Southern has a high stakes hearing in Washington today

Norfolk Southern executives are testifying for the first time in Washington today. The transport company is ready to make some changes in response to the catastrophic derailment in east Palestine, Ohio on February 3. However, the changes the company is looking to make much more modest than changes sought by some in Congress and the Biden Administration. Norfolk Southern shares are down 12% so far this year.

Flight attendants are weighing in on airplane etiquette. They say it’s okay to recline your seat on a plane, especially on long flights. Though, there is one thing you should never do. Please don’t take your shoes off on the plane.

The DOW finished slightly lower on Wednesday and employers advertised fewer job openings in January. Additionally, the number of people quitting their jobs fell.

A study found that Eli Lilly’s drug fails to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The drug was no better than placebo at averting the condition. The failure was expected by some in the Alzheimer’s field after the drug failed in
previous studies.

Juice company Sunny Delight announced a new twist on its classic, orange flavored beverage this week.
SunnyD Vodka Seltzer and rolling it out nationwide at select Walmart stores beginning March 11.

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