Morning Report: Narcan may soon be sold over the counter

Narcan, a drug that can rapidly reverse opioid overdoses, may soon be available without a prescription. An FDA advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend that the agency allow Narcan to be sold over the counter. This medication has already been in use for decades. It can counter the effects of overdose from drugs such as prescription painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl. The FDA is expected to reach a decision by the end of March.

In Washington, the head of the FAA is in the hot seat. Billy Nolan states that the FAA is working to modernize systems and that safety remains a priority. This scrutiny follows recent flight delays, cancellations, and near misses.

Sky high inflation is impacting the Tooth Fairy. A poll from insurer Delta Dental found that the average cash gift is now $5.36 per tooth while a first tooth is $20. This is a record high in the twenty four year history of the poll.

Chipotle announced the launch of its new spin-off franchise, Farmesa. The menu will stay true to Chipotle’s food integrity standards, featuring proteins, greens, grains, and vegetables.

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