Morning Report: An eventful first quarter comes to a close

Between a banking crisis and food inflation, stocks had a lot to chew on in the first quarter.  The NASDAQ is sitting on a 12% year-to-date gain through Friday’s close and the S&P 500 up 3.4% So far this year. The first quarter wraps up Friday.

The global chip shortage is causing delays for new credit and debit cards. Some issuers are reporting longer wait times for chip-enabled cards due to the same supply disruptions that have been plaguing the automotive industry for the past three years.

Although Friday began with fears that the banking crisis was spilling over to Deutsche Bank, the markets rebounded to end the week on a higher note. All the major indexes had a higher day and week.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, peanut butter is now classified as a “liquid”. That means you’ll have to re-think bringing that jar of Skippy on your next vacation. The TSA took to Twitter this week to make the announcement. They explained that you can only bring a “liquid” in your carry-on if it’s 3.4 ounces or less.

If you tend to put off cleaning, you are not alone. New research from Affresh Appliance Care found one in six Americans put off cleaning. On average, it takes two hours to do a “light cleaning” of their home. It takes about five hours to “deep clean” that includes chores like cleaning their large appliances or washing their windows.

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