Mom to Mom: Ice Gel

(41NBC/WMGT) — Today we have a first aid hack that’s going to save you some money — we’re making DIY gel ice packs to help us be better prepared for injuries.

The first thing you’re going to need are some reusable Ziploc bags, the reason why is because they’re a little bit more sturdier than the regular Ziploc bag. Plus, those tend to leak, these do not. Then you’re going to need some household items, like some dish soap, some rubbing alcohol, water, and if you wanted to add a bit of fun, some food coloring.

First, you want to grab that Ziploc bag because everything is just going to go right in there. Take two cups of water and pour it right in the bag. Then add a cup of rubbing alcohol, pour that right in the bag. Add a small squirt of dish soap, and to make it fun and give it some color, you can use a little food coloring, whatever color you like. Seal it nice and tight, make sure you get all the air out, and stick it in the refrigerator for about five hours or overnight, whatever you prefer and presto! You have a homemade ice pack!

It is recommended to not let toddlers handle these as they do contain rubbing alcohol so if you want to add extra security to it you could duct tape the top or try some other forms of sealant.

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