HUB Football plays a crucial role in reviving football players careers

Don Yee, Tom Brady's agent, founded HUB Football in 2020.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) –The United States Football League kicks off this weekend, and several of the players in the league, such as Keith Mumphery, who attended Dooly County High School, are getting a second chance to revive their football careers. And one exposure camp is playing a critical role in that.

HUB Football is an exposure camp built around the premise of giving athletes a second chance at fulfilling their football dreams.

Founded by Don Yee, a sports agent famously known for being Tom Brady’s agent, HUB hosts invite-only camps where the athletes go through drill work that is recorded on tape for their benefit.

“It’s not a typical combine style event. This is more based on competition,” said Mike Williams, HUB Football general manager. “More drill work, more one on ones. We try to bring in some NFL presence, CFL presence and league presence. But it’s basically trying to provide an opportunity for players to extend their careers.”

Once the athletes go through the camp, HUB takes matters into its own hands to get these players exposure.

“We actually have a couple of NFL teams who are clients of ours, so they get proprietary information that we collect at these camps. We’ve basically given out our tapes for free for however long. We haven’t charged clubs or anything like that. So it’s just like free exposure to the teams,” said Williams.

Not many platforms exist that provide HUB Football’s opportunity, but the component that differentiates HUB the most is its connections in the football realm.

“As a group, we bring a lot of NFL connections. I was in the NFL for 18 years in scouting personnel,” said Williams. “A lot of our coaches, they’ve coached at the NFL level, so our connections help quite a bit. You know Don Yee’s connections come into play quite a bit. Jamie Hemann, who’s our CEO, he worked in the league front office. So the team that we have is pretty well connected.”

The norm around scouting is that athletes should be fully developed and ready to be professionals right out of college; however, HUB is trying to change that philosophy.

“One of the things that we are trying to prove or establish is that not everybody develops at the same rate. Not everybody matures at the same rate. So there’s a tendency for the scouting community to evaluate these guys when they’re draft-eligible at a single point in time. But not everybody is fully developed at 22-years-old. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally or physically,” said Williams.

With HUB Football being just less than two years old, there are plans to expand the platform to help develop players. And soon enough, you’ll see HUB making a leap into college football, hosting camps for student-athletes in the transfer portal.

With its college transfer camps, HUB could make a big wave in the college transfer process.

But for now, catch some of HUB Football’s athletes in the United States Football League, which begins this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on NBC as the New Jersey Generals face the Birmingham Stallions.


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