Georgia College students introduce third graders to Spanish

"It was really fun to do this, I don't want this to be the last day, because I go to so used to it for them to be here."
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Georgia College students teach third graders a new language
Third Graders at Midway Hills Academy

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— Georgia College students are currently helping elementary school students learn a new language. This is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, they’ve been able to go inside the classroom of Midway Hills Academy.

Georgia College students in the course known as ‘Language Service Learning,’ teach third graders how to speak Spanish.

Through greetings, animals and colors, the students in Ms. Jackson’s class are having fun learning.

Christopher Jackson is a Junior at Georgia College, and wanted to show others why he loves other languages.

“I never had language until high school. Just for a learning aspect and an appreciation aspect, being able to learn it earlier allows for better learning. Also allows for more appreciation at a younger age being immersed in it,” said Jackson.

Through the program, Jackson says he’s been able to teach students every Thursday. He also see how much the students have retained in a short amount of time.

Kylie Duncan one of the third graders learning Spanish, and says she had never heard of Spanish before.

“It was really fun to do this, I don’t want this to be the last day, because I go to so used to it for them to be here,” said Kylie.

She even practiced a little bit of what she learned, “The emotion for calm is calma, and the color is verde.”

Georgia College Assistant Professor, Dr. Mariana Stoyanova, says introducing a new language helps reinforce vocabulary and reading. It also gives the student teachers an opportunity to practice their Spanish skills.

“The lesson plans are generally tied up to what is in the books so for example Ale just taught the emotions, but also what they did, is they included how to say I am feeling this way. So there are a little bit of grammar without really explaining all too much,” said Dr. Stoyanova

Georgia College students also teach two and three-year old’s on Saturday’s at the Mary Vinson Library in Milledgeville.

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