‘Day by day:’ Uvalde survivors recover from wounds, trauma

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UVALDE, Texas (AP) — The 17 people injured during a mass shooting last week in Uvalde, Texas, are trying to heal in a community marked by mourning the deaths of 21 others. The tight-knit town of 16,000 is holding funerals and investigators are examining how police responded to the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Several of the victims are still in hospitals over an hour’s drive away in San Antonio, undergoing treatment for bullet wounds. Uvalde Memorial Hospital, which treated 11 children and four adults in the hours after the shooting, discharged 10 of those patients the same day and transferred five to San Antonio hospitals.

On Wednesday, the San Antonio hospitals were still treating five patients, with one 10-year-old girl in serious condition and the rest deemed to be in good condition.

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