Collector’s Market in Middle Georgia

MACON & BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – With inflation on the rise and the cost of everyday living becoming increasingly more difficult, many people turn to their hobbies as a form of escape. One type of hobby that many might not consider is collecting, whether that be from everyday items like postage stamps or more niche items like vintage toys– most people have something they like to collect. The collector’s market as of late has become difficult to take part in though, thanks to rising prices, some items retain a fairly low price while others have skyrocketed through the roof.

In Macon on Vineville Avenue is Retro Raven Games, an independently run business that specializes in the buying and selling of used video games and hardware. The store has been open for two years, it was first located on Ingleside but ended up moving to its current location so that the store could have more floor space. The owner of Retro Raven, Aaron Gray says he’s noticed a rise in prices for old games that started during the initial outbreak of COVID. Gray says he noticed an uptick of people entering the video game collecting market who originally had nothing to do with games but saw them as an investment, especially sealed games. Sealed games are games that were never opened, Gray says that he noticed the market peaking in the summer of 2021 but has recently been seeing prices stagnate except for a handful of certain graded sealed games. These games have pushed up the prices for loose games making it difficult for both casual and long time fans.

I see that in the loose games as well,” said Gray “Like maybe your twenty to thirty dollar games go up a little bit but your super rare games that were maybe one hundred and fifty dollars last year that’s two hundred dollars or two hundred and fifty dollars. So you’re seeing the ultra rare stuff really escalating still.” Gray also says he’s been seeing a lot of overlap between the video game market and the comic book market as fans from comics start looking and ultimately investing in older video games with the same mindset and tactics the would use while looking for old comics.

Over on another side of the collecting hobby is antiques.

Heather Klemm is the co-owner of Big Peach Antiques Mall located in Byron. Her shop houses over 200 vendors all selling wildly different goods. Antiquing has been popular in the United States since the early 1970’s and has only grown since then.

“Antiques are popular right now and you know supply and demand will dictate the cost and the price,” said Klemm “If the vendor has to spend more money to go out and find their merchandise on gas, lodging or whatever they might have to pass on that price to the consumer.” Klemm mentioned that prices are also impacted by popular trends and that new vendors are often needed to keep bringing in new products and set prices. Klemm says that Big Peach Antiques is always looking for new vendors and offers different workshops to help those who are interested in starting and that it’s like running your own small business but without the hassle of having to own a whole building. Prices will likely continue to fluctuate with demand depending on the market, but the most faithful collectors don’t seem to waver no matter the price.

If you’re interested in visiting Retro Raven Games and learning more about them you can check them out at their website at where they have the store address and hours listed as well as an online shop or you can give them a call at (478)-259-7728

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor or just want to visit Big Peach Antiques Mall then you can check them out at where you can send them an email or give them a call if you have questions at  (478)-956-1968

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