Baldwin County suffers water shortages due to water main breaks from cold temperatures

People across Middle Georgia are suffering from water shortages due to freezing pipes, but in Milledgeville, the situation has become dire.
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UPDATE (8:30 p.m.) – The City of Milledgeville provided an update to residents Tuesday night:

“Many of the system water main failures that were located throughout the holiday, when the weather did not allow for repair, have been repaired. We continue to have repairs to make and anticipate we will find other failures, which need repairing before this event is over. These repairs, as well as continued isolation of a section of the water system, has allowed the system to continue to pressurize today, as tanks continued to fill. Many customers will find they have some water, but it will take a few more days for the system to recover and full restoration to be reached. With this being the case, please continue to conserve water for the next few days as the system continues to recover.

Once the system stabilizes, the isolated area will be reopened, and the entire system will be monitored to determine the effect of that area of the system being reopened. This may show other failures which will need to be addressed at that time.

A Boiled Water Advisory (BWA) has been issued for all customers who have had low to no pressure since 4:00 AM on December 26, 2022. Information for following the BWA can be found in the advisory and should be followed until further notice.

Four water distribution centers were open today. Two of them will be open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM tomorrow, December 28, 2022. Those centers are located at the City of Milledgeville East Annex, 127 East Hancock Street (next to City Hall) and the Baldwin County Government Center, 1601 North Columbia Street.

Mayor and Council appreciates your patience throughout this event.”

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT) – People across Middle Georgia are suffering from water shortages due to freezing pipes, but in Milledgeville, the situation has become dire.

For hundreds of residents in Milledgeville and Baldwin County, it’s been a tough few days.

Water main breaks caused by frigid temperatures left residents like Gray Smith with no water for the last three days.

“At my residence we’ve been out of water since Christmas morning,” he said. “We had very low water pressure then, not enough to take a shower, and then in the afternoon, zero water pressure. It’s difficult to run a household when you can’t flush toilets, wash dishes or clothes or even take a bath.”

Manager for the City of Milledgeville, Hank Griffeth, says the county is currently working on multiple water lines to locate the main water failure.

“We have contractors out now,” he said. “We have city staff out now working on the failures that we know about, which are what I call small to medium size failures, 8-inch line, 6-inch lines, 4-inch lines, but the line that we think our major failure is on is about two miles long and it’s a 12-inch line, so that’s a lot of water and just a very small break can cause you to lose a lot of water very quickly.”

The City of Milledgeville established three water distribution centers to give residents drinkable water.

These locations are at Parham’s Kitchen at the Old Central State Hospital Campus, North Ridge Christian Church on Log Cabin Road and at the City’s East Annex on East Hancock Street.

Griffeth says he wants residents to know the city is doing everything it can.

“We want to fix the issue more than anybody,” he said. “Please be patient with us. We’re sorry that we can’t give you a definitive time of restoration, but until we know where that leak is and the degree or the severity of the leak, we just can’t give that time frame.”

The county has issued a boil water advisory for areas north of MLK Jr. Drive and west of the Highway 441 bypass. If you have any questions, call the Milledgeville Water & Sewer Department at (478) 414-4052.

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