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Ask Angi: Roof care guide

(41NBC/WMGT) -- The roof is something people tend to take for granted in their homes, but maintaining and repairing it is key to keeping your home and your family safe. In today’s Ask Angi segment Bailey Carson shares what…

Ask Angi: First Home Firsts

(41NBC/WMGT) --A lot of people have been buying and moving into new homes this past year-- and for many it’s the first time. Homeownership does not come with a manual, but in this Ask Angi segment Bailey Carson discusses…

Ask Angi: Disaster Preparation

(41NBC/WMGT) -- The weather can be unpredictable these days and a big storm can sneak up during any season. In this Ask Angi segment, Bailey Carson discusses how to make sure your family and your home are ready to…

Ask Angi: Pest Patrol

Pests and rodents are unwelcome visitors to our homes, but they’re also stubborn and can be hard to get rid of. Bailey Carson, Head of Everyday Services at Angi and a home care…

Ask Angi: Exterior Painting

Lots of homeowners are looking at ways to freshen up their homes after spending so much time indoors this past year, and many are taking on exterior painting as a major home project. In this week's Ask Angi segment…

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