Angie’s List: Carriage Houses

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Macon, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The humble carriage house is more popular than ever, as homeowners find new ways to use them. Angie’s List takes a look at one homeowner who turned their carriage house into a revenue stream.

In the past, carriage houses served a variety of purposes. They fell out of favor for many years, but imaginative homeowners are turning carriage houses into the secondary buildings of their dreams.
“Once only found with historic homes, carriage houses are now becoming popular in modern homes, where homeowners are using them in a variety of ways”, said Angie’s List Founder, Angie Hicks.

Indianapolis resident Andy Barton purchased a home seven years ago that included a carriage house in back. At the time, it was unfinished and used primarily for storage, until Barton started thinking about ideas for rental properties.

Homeowner Andy Barton says, “We were looking for a rental property around Indianapolis and were really not finding the value we were looking for, and then realized the old carriage house that was sitting in our backyard WAS the opportunity.”

Barton went through an extensive process to renovate and rehab the building to use it as an AirBNB property.

“If you’re getting ready to go through a remodel, my grandfather always told me, measure twice, cut once. And that’s really important as you go through renovation. Plan the project, plan it again, plan it a third time, and then work with great people,” Barton said.

Barton’s solution is only one potential use for a carriage house. Angie says members have turned them into man caves, guest houses, in-law residences and everything in between. The prospects are only limited by your imagination.

Barton says, “From a living perspective of our own place, it hasn’t changed anything. We’ve just turned it into a very productive asset.”

Angie suggests working with top-rated designers and contractors to realize your vision for a carriage house. You might be surprised at the possibilities.