C. Jack Ellis Regrets Signing Off Forest Hill Expansion to State

Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis says he doesn’t have many regrets, but in hindsight he wishes he did not put the Forest Hill expansion project in the hands of the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The state is now looking to widen the street, but now Ellis says the Committee of the Road Improvement Program, which is the board of commissioners, is not working in the best interest of the public.

“What I see that group doing and I’ve had a good working relationship with them, but I see them trying to make more money. The wider the road, the bigger the design, the more money they make. and the public be damned that’s what I see going on and that’s unfortunate. So yes I do regret, asking that road to be designated as a state road.”

163 residents of Macon signed a petition against the project. They agree with Ellis, stating the plan is intrusive and not environmentally friendly.

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