MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Georgia coach Kirby Smart said Tuesday night his team got outplayed and outcoached when it lost to Texas in the Sugar Bowl. He was right. It was a bad loss. But it does not mean the Georgia team would have played that poorly if they had been in a more meaningful game. However, Georgia didn’t belong in the final four in the first place, and the results and effort Tuesday night don’t change that one bit. Yes, the Georgia players reacted on social media Saturday when the teams that made it over them – Notre Dame and Oklahoma – did not play well in the semifinal games against Clemson and Alabama. That was not the reason they lost Tuesday night. Now, I do believe that we all – the players, coaches and fans – underestimated Texas and its quarterback Sam Ehlinger. And that didn’t help. It also didn’t help that the Georgia punter put his knee on the ground when he fielded a punt and hand Texas the ball at the Georgia 27-yard line. Texas scored after that. Then, two drives later, D’Andre Swift fumbled and handed Texas the ball on the Georgia 12-yard line. Texas increased its lead to 17-0 with a touchdown three plays later. So, it was just a bad game, a bad performance, and the first thing that must happen is credit must be given to Texas. They were ready to pounce on Georgia and never let up. — It’s a shame this loss puts a damper on Georgia’s season. We’ve gone from many wondering if they did belong in the final four to wondering where they will even finish in the final Top 25. But again, Georgia did not belong in the final four under the current setup. They lost to LSU by 20 and then blew their shot to beat Alabama. If there was an eight-team playoff, the results might have been better. They may have had a little more pep in their step to win compared to a Sugar Bowl that meant nothing. Heck, even if the bowl games did not have the conference affiliations and had paired number five Georgia against number six Ohio State, that might have given them more motivation to win. They weren’t motivated to win Tuesday and it showed. They could have come out and proved they were one of the best three teams in the country, but that discussion is over now. — Georgia still has a great future. The talent level is head and shoulders above what it has been in the past, but we learned December the first against Alabama and then January the first against Texas that the Bulldogs… are just not there yet.