Suspect in fatal 'swatting' call charged with making false alarm


Image: Andrew Finch

Andrew Finch Courtesy Family

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Barriss allegedly gave authorities what he believed was the address of the gamer and falsely claimed he had shot his father in the head and was holding his mother and a sibling at gunpoint.

But the address turned out to be the home of Finch, who was not involved in the dispute or even armed.

Finch was killed, Wichita Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said, after the officers told him to put his hands up and he apparently moved one of them toward his waistband. He said the fatal shot was fired by a veteran officer who is now on paid leave and facing an investigation.

“Due to the actions of a prankster we have an innocent victim,” Livingston said.

Andy Blankstein reported from Los Angeles, Corky Siemaszko from New York City.