Salvation Army opens its doors during the day


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The cold weather is here to stay and the Salvation Army has opened its doors to anyone who needs a warm place during the day.

Charles Pope, Director of the Men’s Shelter at the Salvation Army, said it’s important to give homeless people the opportunity to be warm.

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“During the winter time when it gets cold, I have seen and heard about a person here that was out there homeless and he said his friend froze to death,” Pope said.

He said people who come to the shelter are given the chance to sleep, watch movies, and have three meals a day.

“Just having a conversation with some of them, they say they don’t have anywhere to go or even a relative,” Pope said. “And staying behind behind a stores and staying in old abandoned houses, they say they’re thankful that they have an opportunity to come off the streets during this time.”

He said so far this week he has seen between 30 to 40 people stay at the shelter during the day.

Pope said the shelter really cares about the homeless community.

“You got a lot of people that are on the street for different types of reasons, but we’re here, as well as some of the other organizations we work along with, to give people an opportunity to get homes, or to turn their lives around,” he said. Regardless of of what happened to them in life we are open with open arms to receive them in.”

Pope said the shelter has 40 beds, but if the shelter reached capacity it has 24 cots available.