Former Macon mayor protests current mayor’s homeless eviction order


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Former Macon Mayor, C. Jack Ellis, says he is not happy with current Mayor Robert Recihert’s order to evict the homeless.

This week, the homeless were given eviction notices to move their tents from where they were set up near the Ocmulgee River. Mayor Reichert says they have until Monday to do so, or the county will pick up the tents and items left.

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Ellis is protesting Mayor Reichert’s decision, saying if the mayor is going to kick them out, he needs to have somewhere to send them.

“My point is that if we have facilities in this community such as the old Virgil Powers School, which is completely renovated, it will be an ideal place to house the homeless,” said Ellis.

The old Virgil Powers school is currently owned by the county and up for sale. Ellis says it previously housed jail inmates. He hopes the commission and mayor take his suggestion under consideration.

  • Bruce Moore

    What has C. Jack done about this? Nothing except blow hot air, same as always. Why didn’t he do something about the homeless when he was mayor?

  • Tellit22

    C. Jacka$$ doesn’t give a flying flip about the homeless and is only using them as a pulpit for his self serving , flapped lip, rabble rousing. What did he do for the homeless when he was your Mayor? Huh?huh?

  • Commonsense

    Yall still mad with Mr.Jack Ellis…????So tell me what has the current mayor done,besides sale off macon to the highest bidder,I never meet this man he has never came to my community,or yours?.Yall new mayor ain’t S%@T!!!!!????